Cash Finance for Individual

A financing product that allows individuals to fulfill their financial needs by financing a desired amount of cash through Islamic tawarruq while complying with the terms and conditions of the product.

* Conditions (For individuals):

  • Saudis only.
  • Government sector employees.
  • Private sector employees who have spent at least 1 years in the company prior to the date of submitting the application.

Required Documents:

  • ID Number.
  • Salary Certificate.
  • Bank IBAN Proof.

Financing without a Guarantor

  • Financing Amount:
    • Minimum: 10,000 SR.
    • Maximum: 20,000 SR.
  • Financing Period: From 12 months to 36 months as a maximum.
  • Minimum Salary: 3,000 SR.

cash required cannot exceed 20,000 SR.


Your monthly payment should be 40% of your net monthly income or less.

Net monthly income is the monthly income withholds deductions.


Financing Results


Monthly Payment

Total Tawarruq Amount

Admin Fee

1% of the Total Tawarruq Amount

Admin Fee VAT


Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

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