Emtyaz Jameel program.

  1. What is Emtyaz Jameel?
    Emtyaz Jameel is a reward program designed for the benefits of our elite customers who have shown commitment with the company since the beginning of their journey with Abdul Latif Jameel finance until today. This program allows the elite customers to get exclusive discounts and offers from different retailers and service providers with a variety of options.
  1. Emtyaz Jameel objectives
    Emtyaz Jameel program aims to strengthen the relationship between Abdul Latif Jameel finance and its customers.
  2. How to become Emtyaz Jameel customer?
    Main evaluation factors:
    • Being committed in your payments
    • Being a user of our E-payment channels (SADAD) for your payments
    • Previous purchases
  3. How to know if you are Emtyaz Jameel customer?
    Sign in to your official account in Abdul Latif Jameel finance ( Here ). If you are Emtyaz Jameel customer, a golden icon will appear in your account.

    In case if you have forgotten your password please follow one of the below:

    • Contact ALJUF unified number 8002442211
    • Reset your password
  1. How to get Emtyaz Jameel E-card?
    Eligible customers can get the E-card by logging in to their official accounts in Abdul Latif Jameel finance website.
  1. Emtyaz Jameel E-card
    Emtyaz Jameel customers need to show the E-card whenever visiting any of the program partner along with providing the unique or Emtyaz Jameel number in order to get the offer or discount.
  1. Validity of Emtyaz Jameel E-card
    Emtyaz Jameel E-card will be valid until December 2021 (the elite customers will be re-evaluated every 6 months. Emtyaz Jameel customers won’t be granted the E-card if the customer did not match the criteria of the program)
  1. Emtyaz Jameel partners
  • AutoHub, Salem babgi service centers,Ajeer App,3M Auto Pioneer center,3M Enaya, Star smile dental clinic and Habitat Company, Al-Saqqaf Ophthalmology Centers,Cambridge Diet Company,Abdul latif Jameel motores,Fitness360 and Holland and Barrett,Abdullah alzugdi & Co
  • Emtyaz Jameel features

    • Abdul Latif Jameel finance VIP treatment
      • The elite customer does not need to wait in the queue.
      • Customers will be served by the branch manager.
    • AutoHub
      • Window Tinting for 600 SR.
      • BP Per Panel Repair 450 SR.
      • Internal & External Detailing 400 SR.
      • Discount 30 % on Labor , 25 % Parts for any Mechanical Service.
      • Free K2K one way incase invoice more than 3000 SR.
    • Salem Babgi service centers
      • 20% discount on spare parts (Toyota only.
      • 10% discount on labor (Toyota only)
    • Ajeer App:

    Emtyaz Jameel customers will receive a discount of 10% (Maximum SR50) for the below services by using “ALJ” promo code:

    • All electricity services
    • Detect & repair leaking
    • Regular, central and concealed heaters
    • Moving furniture inside Riyadh City.
    • Washing machines
    • Carpentry
    • Refrigerators
    • TVs
    • 3M Auto pioneer centers:
    • 50% discount on window films products.
    • 50% discount on car paint protection products.
    • 35% discount on internal and external polishing services.
    • 40% discount on internal and external nano services.

    • 3M Enaya:
    • 43% discount on tinting (crystalline - ceramic - color settable & CS).
    • 35% discount on floor upholstery, nylon floor covering, German leather seat upholstery with one-year warranty.
    • 40% discount on Nano-ceramic protection with four-year warranty.
    • 38% discount on PPF protection for the entire car or the front of the car with four-year warranty.
    • 50% discount on Interior and exterior polishing.
    • Benefits Provided by (Star Smile Dental Clinics):
    • 50% discount on checkups.
    • 50% discount on teeth cleaning.
    • 30% discount on dental treatment and cosmetic services.
    • 30% discount on dermatology, beauty and laser services.
    • The possibility of paying in installments the cost of the orthodontic and dental implant services during the treatment period.
    • The discount does not apply to promotional offers (the customer benefits from the discount or the offer, whichever is preferred).
    • Habitat Company:
    • Up to 5% discount on your purchases with home discount points from the date of the invoice.
    • Immediate delivery.
    • Free delivery and installation all over the kingdom.
    • After-sales services such as maintenance and transportation of furniture.
    • A bedroom that is being installed includes the mattress.
    • Al-Saqqaf Ophthalmology Centers:
    • 30% discount on examination for specialists and consultants who are not covered by insurance
    • 20% discount on radiology services and examinations that are not covered by insurance
    • 20% discount on all adult eyes services that are not covered by insurance
    • 20% discount on children eyes services that are not covered by insurance
    • SR 4500 vision correction surgery or according to the available offer
    • 10% discount on contact lenses at Al Saqqaf branches
    • 20% discount on sunglasses at Al Saqqaf branches
    • 20% discount on medical glasses at Al-Saqqaf branches (cash)

    Cambridge Diet Company:

    • 75% discount on examination.
    • 25% discount on meals.
    • Abdullatif Jameel Motores::

        • 25% Labor Discount (Toyota).
        • 24% Parts Discount (Toyota )
        • 19% Labor Discount (Lexus)
        • 15% Parts Discount (Lexus)


    • The offer is only available for vehicles of Abdul Latif Jameel (Toyota - Lexus centers in the Kingdom)
    • Offers do not include plumbing and painting (Auto-hop)
    • -The above-mentioned discounts are not applicable with any current or future offers or campaigns
  • Benefits provided by Holland and Barrett:
  • Benefits provided by 360 Fitness:
    • 50% discount on all subscription
    • 10% discount on services

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