Prius 2017: Not 3 but 8 Years Battery Warranty

Did you know that Toyota KSA gives 8 years warranty on Prius batteries i.e., 3 years as regular warranty and 5 years more as an extended warranty?

First of all, let us get an idea how a Prius hybrid car works. According to Motory Saudi Arabia, hybrid car works in a way that:

“…both the internal combustion engine and the electric motor are connected to the same gearbox that is driving the wheels; therefore both engines drive the wheels. At low speeds, the engine turns off and the electric motor takes over to drive the car. Then, when maximum acceleration is needed, they work jointly. Whenever an excess power is generated by the engine, this is used to recharge the batteries that power the electric motor.”

This means that you gain two benefits. First, lower fuel consumption which leads us to the 2nd benefit which is less CO2 emissions that is good for the environment.

Prius is among the best hybrid cars if not the best among its class.

Prius provides superior driving performance with attractive streamlined exterior, ergonomic beauty of the interiors, JBL sound system, wireless charger and back monitor that supports smooth reversing operation among others.

This should be enough to convince you to make your next car a Prius or add it to your collection. Enjoy a car of the future and use it much further into the future with its 5 years extended battery warranty.

You can finance Toyota Prius starting from SR1,699 per month.

Follow this link to finance a Prius.

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