Enhanced Online Finance

Are you thinking of financing a new car but you dread the long procedures at the branches and multiple visits required? Have you experienced waiting for so long for the Credit Officers to review your paperwork and have them entered into the systems?

Now there is a better way, you can do most of the procedures online in the comfort of wherever you are. No need for frequent visits to the branch. Submit your information online. You only need to visit the branch once to complete the transaction and pick up your car.

Starting 1st January, more enhancements have been added like 1 hour approval and ability to book your car.

Finance your car through these 6 simple steps:

1. Visit our website www.aljfinance.com and select your car with the desired specifications.
2. Get a quote for the selected car and apply for finance. Choose “Online Finance”
3. Submit your data, and pinpoint your address on the map.
4. We will review your information to ensure that they are complete and that the terms are applicable to you.
5. When your application is approved, you will receive a message to pay the required fees through the SADAD payment system. The message will also mention all the necessary information of your monthly payments.
6. A Credit Officer will we contact you when your car is ready. This is the time you will visit the branches to submit your original documents and to sign required documents and contract, issue the car plate and receive your car.

That easy!

You may start your Online Finance Journey in any of these sections:
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