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This is a limited-time offer until 30th September 2023 or until stocks last.

About This Offer

Enjoy your dream vehicle with Abdul Latif Jameel United Finance, which provides you the  financial leasing on all vehicles. Abdul Latif Jameel United Finance has more than 160 branches to serve you in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Enjoy these financing benefits

  • Free admin fees
  • We pay the 1st , 2nd and 3rd monthly lease which Calculation is based on 60 months. and will change on other contract period
  • No guarantor required*
  • Shariah compliant.


MG5 2023


Monthly Payment 1,023 SAR

Payment Period 60 Months


MG5 2023


Monthly Payment 1,140 SAR

Payment Period 60 Months


T60 2023

2WD Gasoline

Monthly Payment 1,382 SAR

Payment Period 60 Months

The thumbnails are shown for illustration purposes only. Features may differ than the chosen vehicle class.

These offers are valid for specific models only.

VAT is not included in the monthly lease payments.

Monthly lease payments are based on model year & vehicle class. Administrative Fees are calculated as 1% of the financed amount with a maximum of 5,000 SR per vehicle.

There is a residual value payment at the end of the contract.

The company reserves the right to cancel these vehicle financing offers at any time.

  • a waiver of down payment when the monthly lease payment is at least 40% of the net monthly income.
  • a waiver of the guarantor's requirement when conditions are met.
  • ability to refinance the residual value.
  • Prices are subject to change in the event of influencing factors such as the customer's credit history.

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