Used Car Financing

Used Car Financing with Abdul Latif Jameel United Finance

Abdul Latif Jameel United Finance provides the ability to finance all types of used cars, the needs and desires of its guests who meet the financing terms, through any of the following options:

Murabaha (installment)

The guest can choose his desired car through multiple options:

  • Financing from individuals directly (Murabaha)
  • Financing from companies and exhibitions of used cars (certified partners)
  • Branches of Abdul Latif Jameel United Finance Company:
For more information call the following number: 0122603772

Deal directly with the Vehicle Owner and let Abdul Latif Jameel United Finance (ALJUF) Finance It

On December 2017, Abdul Latif Jameel Finance (ALJUF) launched a new scheme that eases financing of used vehicles for individuals. The scheme is called “Agree and Finance it thru ALJUF”

Used Peer to Peer

This program is beneficial in two ways:

  • First, assists buyers who does not have funds, to seek finance from Abdul Latif Jameel.
  • Second, the seller will no longer need or wait for the buyer to pay a large amount. Instead, ALJUF will pay him/her in full.

Experience fast transaction and easy steps of this financing solution through Murabaha*.

This program is initially available in the following branches.

  • Riyadh: Al Olaya Branch Tel: (011) 4568717
  • Al Khobar: Al Khober Tel: (013) 8824199
  • Jeddah: Medina Road K 14 (Quraish) Tel: (012) 2603780

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