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Built for wherever you'd want to go

The stylish design integrates the roomy, comfortable cabin – making the Coaster feel almost like a comfortable sedan. It is precise in handling, powerful in response and loaded with comprehensive safety features. It is the perfect harmony of spaciousness, performance and economic efficiency – making the Coaster a pleasant and efficient .means of transportation.

Built for wherever you

In the lap of luxury

Big windows. Well-lit interior. Spacious cabin. When science meets art to deliver efficiency – such as single-legged seats that offer more room to stretch your legs – you will be pleasantly surprised by the innovative thinking behind every little detail .that makes the Coaster a very comfortable ride.

In the lap of luxury

Smoother driving with greater control

The re-designed instrument panel is illuminated for enhanced legibility. The large, rounded switches are strategically placed for simplicity of use. The sliding & reclining driver’s seat and the new power steering system minimizes stress and offers maximum comfort. All this and more… to ensure that there is enhanced comfort and control for the driver, and for the greater safety of everyone.

Smoother driving with greater control

A benchmark in safety standards

The Coaster is built with a wide range of active and passive safety measures. For example, the large windshield, the driver’s safety window and the easy-to-adjust seat position help the driver avoid hazards by offering clear visibility all around. Quick response, excellent handling and a high level of brake performance add to the easier control of the vehicle and facilitate in safer driving.

A benchmark in safety standards
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