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Corolla 2016

Re-invented, the Corolla is designed to thrill. It stands apart with sophisticated sports styling, high-tech interior features and an enviable reputation. Take a closer look at the new Corolla.

Corolla 2016

Bold and contemporary

Corolla’s contemporary design is up-to-the-minute and captures admiring attention from the very first glance. The styling makes you want to drive it immediately, with a low and sleek profile that hints at the satisfying driving experience to come.

Bold and contemporary

An oasis of comfort and convenience

Corolla’s graceful, flowing lines continue from the exterior to the interior. Greater rear legroom, luxurious seating and the state-of-the-art air conditioning make every journey a pleasure for everyone.

An oasis of comfort and convenience
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TXL1 4.0

Monthly Payment 3,590 SR SAR

TOYOTA Prado 2017

Price 152,600 SR
Down Payment 0 SR
Residual Value 42,794 SR
Total Cost 215,113 SR
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