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Designed for maximum agility

Toyota engineers and designers have created the GT86 to meet all your expectations. Low to the ground, aerodynamic and immediately recognizable on the street, the streamlined exterior is as practical as it is striking. Cutting through the air efficiently improves performance, reduces wind noise and increases fuel efficiency.

Designed for maximum agility

Pure sports car throughout

The first time you see the GT86 cockpit, you understand that this is no ordinary passenger car. The driving position is optimized for control. Like a racing driver you sit low with outstretched legs. Seats grip and support you through corners and the high transmission tunnel places the gear shift just where you need it, which is close to the thick-rimmed sports steering wheel. Everything is focused on the drive.

Pure sports car throughout
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GL 2.7

Hilux Single Cab 2018

GL 2.7

Monthly Payment 1,500 SR SAR

TOYOTA Hilux Single Cab 2018

Price 68,000 SR
Down Payment 0 SR
Residual Value 19,268 SR
Total Cost 109,242 SR
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